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Peregrine Content Delivery Server

Peregrine Content Delivery Server

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Peregrine Content Delivery Server is a Linux based platform that serves business websites, landing pages, and user interactive forums all on one platform. A server admin portal is used to manage your domain name, add-on domains, sub-domains, and parking pages. Marketing teams enjoy the build-in reporting that provides insight for promotional campaign creation.

Peregrine and your business

Content Management

Content Management

Deliver your content in your format. Peregrine supports computer and mobile. Page updates are all done through the online server manager for ease and security. Create full websites or landing pages. Peregrine is flexible to support a wide range of websites and landing pages. Test your marketing campaigns using the built-in reporting. Do you have specific needs? Let us know.

Website Manager

Website Manager

Peregrine Content Delivery Server includes a built-in web-based manager to perform all of the tasks of setting-up and managing your server. Manage users, domains, dns, email, and more all from a single portal. Use the built-in reporting tools to help guide your business decisions. For example, you can run report to see which web pages have the highest traffic which indicates what your users are interested in. Create landing pages to work directly with your marketing campaigns. The reporting tools will show you the traffic that is generated.

Bravo Reports

Bravo Reporting Included

Bravo reporting tools are standard with Peregrine Content Delivery Server. Use the reporting tools to generate reports on traffic, return users, forms that have been filled, and store purchases. When you evaluate server logs, you find that webcrawlers and other bots fill the logs with traffic that reports inaccurate metrics. Peregrine filters out such traffic so that you are left with real data to evaluate.

Supported Platforms

  1. Linux
  2. MAC
  3. Windows
  4. IOS - Mobile
  5. Android - Mobile
  6. WebOS


  1. HTTP Web Protocol
  3. DNS Server
  4. TCP and UPD
  5. Websocket for consoles and control
  6. MQTT IoT support


  1. Auto System Inventory
  2. Automated System Scans
  3. Built-in Firewall
  4. Intrusion Detection System
  5. System file change detection
  6. Automated remote backup